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Kefid MB5X pendulum roll mill meets the needs of large-scale mine

In order to better meet the needs of mine deep processing, Kefid's new product, the MB5X pendulum-suspension roller mill developed. This equipment is a fifth-generation pendulum-suspension roller mill with a number of invention patent technologies developed by Kefid Machinery. The patented application of the new structure design makes the equipment more productive, better discharge quality, lower operating and maintenance costs and better environmental performance.
According to Kefid R&D engineer's introduction, the MB5X pendulum roller mill has been developed intelligently, saving labor and using thin oil-lubricated system. It does not require frequent refueling and has lower maintenance costs.
In addition, the entire air flow system of the MB5X pendulous suspension mill is closed and circulating under negative pressure. First of all, the airflow generated by the fan is accompanied by the material entering the cyclone powder collector through a pipeline. The powder collector separates the material from the airflow. The airflow returns to the fan through the return duct to form an air circulation system. Secondly, the excess gas and fine powder are passed through the pipeline. It is sent to the dust collector for filtration, and the dust is collected by the dust collector. The remaining gas is purified after being discharged, effectively protecting the environment.