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For new fuel petroleum coke powder, Kefid's European version grinding mill is superior

Petroleum coke powder is prepared by petroleum coke as the main raw material through synthetic deep processing, as a fuel alternative oil. Petroleum coke is a porous structure, non-polar hydrocarbon, which is a hydrophobic substance. Petroleum coke is the end product of the petroleum family. It has both the physical properties of petroleum and the thermal performance of petroleum. Petroleum coke is crushed, dried and intensively ground to make petroleum coke powder of a certain specification, which is continuously, uniformly and steadily sprayed into the furnace through the conveyor system for combustion. The high heat generated is effective for the materials in the kiln melt to produce various products that meet quality requirements.
As a solid fuel,petroleum coke powder enters the kiln with high-speed turbulent flow after good atomization. At high temperature, it is rapidly heated to the ignition point by radiation and convection to burn and release heat. The calorific value of petroleum coke powder is up to 8500~9000 kcal, the burning point is 500℃~700℃, and the burning temperature can reach 1500℃~1800℃. It has no volatile components during the combustion process and the residue after combustion is basically zero. It is an ideal city fuel, economical fuel for energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection.
At present, petroleum coke powder instead of oil for energy saving is a relatively mature technology. A new fuel system has been developed for industrial furnaces, especially the glass industry, which has been successfully promoted in the glass industry.In addition to glass kilns, frit kilns, forging kilns, annealing kilns, crucible kilns, aluminum melting furnaces, industrial boilers, as long as thermal equipment that uses heavy oil as fuel can be used as a fuel to replace heavy oil after a certain technical design.
Kefid has accumulated a lot of experience in the field of processing petroleum coke powder. The customers who use Kefid European version mill to process petroleum coke powder are located in many places of China.
MTW series European version trapezium mill is a new type of mill designed by Kefid with painstaking research and innovation. The European version trapezium mill adopts new multiple patented technologies such as bevel gear overall transmission, internal thin oil lubrication system, and arc duct, which greatly improves the work efficiency and grinding stability, while highlighting the energy saving and environmental protection of the mill. In particular, in the field of petroleum coke processing, Kefid European version mill is superior, with the following innovative advantages:
1. In view of the characteristics that the petroleum coke has a light specific gravity and is not easy to form a powdered abrasive layer, Kefid has optimized the main machine grinding device and blade structure, and adopted a cage turbine classifier, a special flow field design and a constant gas-solid concentration control technology makes the output particle size of the finished petroleum coke powder uniform, narrow distribution, no large particles, and can ensure that the system can run steadily for a long time to increase output.
2. Kefid combines its own experience in coal powder and other industries. Because petroleum coke is a fuel and has a certain degree of danger, an explosion relief device is installed on the equipment to improve the safety of the equipment.
3. The whole machine adopts fully enclosed negative pressure operation, the production environment is clean, no dust pollution, and the dust emission is less than 30mg/m3, which fully meets the national environmental protection requirements.
4. The dust collector adopts the new US offline cleaning technology, which effectively ensures the cleaning effect. The cloth bag uses an oleophobic hydrophobic film-coated filter bag (suitable for powder with strong adhesion such as petroleum coke, etc.) and increases the filter area of ??the dust collector and the adhesion of the powder on the cloth bag are small, which ensures the stable operation of the system for a long time.