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Compared with the old vibrating screen, what are the advantages of the new vibrating screen?

Asker: Charity
Ask date: 9/3/2020 04:06:11PM
Question: Compared with the old vibrating screen, what are the advantages of the new vibrating screen?


Dear Charity,

1. Technical aspects
Old vibrating screen: adopts the excitation method of shaft eccentricity or shaft eccentricity + block eccentricity, and the motor and the screen body are directly driven by the belt;
New vibrating screen: Adopt modular block eccentric vibration exciter technology, overall frame structure design and flexible transmission structure.
2. Vibration exciter
Old vibrating screen: The exciter is quite heavy, and a large maintenance space needs to be reserved on site. The infrastructure cost is high, maintenance is inconvenient, and it takes a long time;
New vibrating screen: Concentrated design of the exciter, light in weight, under the same vibration intensity, the dynamic load, bearing load, power consumption are smaller, and the maintenance is safe and fast.
3. bearing
Old vibrating screen: Two sets of relatively large diameter bearings are used to bear the load. Under the same speed and load, the linear speed of the bearing rollers is higher, the heat is large, and the life is shorter;
New vibrating screen: Two sets of SV exciters are used, each set of exciter contains two bearings, and four sets of relatively small diameter bearings bear the load, and the bearing life is longer.
4. lubrication method
Old vibrating screen: most of them are lubricated by thin oil, the oil leakage is serious on site, and some have been changed to grease lubrication, but its structure is destined to accumulate more and more waste grease, and the exciter cannot be discharged;
New vibrating screen: The bearings are lubricated with grease, a special labyrinth design, no risk of thin oil leakage, and an automatic grease injection device is also optional.
5. Drive mode
Old vibrating screen: using a V-belt direct connection, that is, the motor power is directly transmitted to the vibrating screen through two pulleys, the motor is vibrated, and the transmission belt is easily broken when it is pulled and contracted, and the running track of the screen and the service life of the motor are also affected;
New vibrating screen: adopts flexible drive, that is, the motor power is transmitted to the screen machine through two belt pulleys, a set of transmission shaft seat, and a set of flexible coupling. The motor does not participate in vibration, and the screen machine runs smoothly.
6. Support method
Old vibrating screen: adopts metal spring support, low cost;
New vibrating screen: It adopts rubber spring support, high cost, corrosion resistance, low noise, smooth passing through the resonance zone, long service life, and small impact on the foundation.
7. manufacturing process
Old vibrating screen: Welded vertical ribs on the side plate are strengthened, and there is a hidden danger of welding stress causing the side plate to crack; the design of ring groove rivet fastening is adopted, the pre-tightening force is low, and the riveting is not tight or the side plate is squeezed out of cracks.
New vibrating screen: With the help of finite element dynamic simulation analysis software design, the side plate adopts the whole plate laser cutting technology, without any form of welding, all strengthening members are reasonably arranged, weight and strength are balanced; high-strength torsion shear bolts are used, which is convenient and strong, avoiding the hidden danger of cracking.