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What is the installation procedure of the jaw crusher?

Asker: Elenilson
Ask date: 2/20/2021 11:36:40AM
Question: What is the installation procedure of the jaw crusher?


Dear Elenilson,

1. Assembling the jaw crusher requires the installation of the main crushing plate, which must be firmly attached to the jaw plate, using soft metal as a gasket to ensure the leveling and then tightening with bolts. During the working process of the stone crusher, regularly check whether the crushing plate is loose. If so, adjust it in time to prevent breakage or wear, so as to reduce the service life of the crushing plate.
2. The jaw crusher is used for crushing hard and large raw materials. It is normal for strong vibration to occur during work, and the reinforced concrete structure is stable. After operation, if there are signs of cracks and looseness, adjust it in time to avoid adverse effects on safe operation.
3. If you ignore the loose nut of the crusher, the wear of the crushing plate will increase, and then noise will be generated. In severe cases, the crushing plate will fall off or break and the equipment will stop, affecting normal production. This requires checking whether the bolts and nuts are tight before starting the machine to solve this problem.