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What materials can raymond mill grind?

Asker: Bobiono
Ask date: 11/12/2020 04:18:46PM
Question: What materials can raymond mill grind?


Dear Bobiono,

Raymond mill is the main equipment for industrial high-fine powder milling in the market. It is widely used and is widely praised by users in the mill industry.
Raymond mill is a kind of industrial pulverizer imported from abroad. Kefid introduced the first generation R-type raymond mill in 1987, and the fifth generation European version raymond mill developed and manufactured in 2017. It has the features of simple production structure, easy to operate, easy to maintain.The cost-effectiveness of the milling equipment has also been greatly improved.
Kefid's mill is operated under negative pressure, no dust spills, and adopts pulse bag filter to collect the finished products, which meets the environmental protection standards required by the country, and customers can use it with confidence.
Raymond mill can grind nearly 300 kinds of ore materials, such as lime, calcite, gypsum, potash feldspar, marble, quartz, kaolin, cement, construction waste, and thermal insulation materials. The Mohs hardness is less than 9.3 and the humidity is below 6%.
Raymond mill is very useful, but there are also options for stone. Especially for the limitation of hardness, the Mohs hardness of the stone must not be greater than 9.3. The humidity should also be controlled according to its control range. If it exceeds 6%, don't try it, otherwise it will easily cause machine failure, which will not only delay production efficiency, but also waste maintenance costs. Before grinding any stone, everyone must first understand its performance. If it is flammable and explosive, it must not be operated. Chemicals or construction residues cannot be used.
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