The ore powder and granulated blast furnace slag powder is a high-fineness.

high-reactivity powder material obtained by quenching blast furnace slag with water, and after being processed by drying and grinding.

it is not only a high-quality concrete admixture and a cement mixing building material.

but also that’s world recognized as an important material for configuring high performance concrete.


The incorporation of slag at a certain proportion in cement production is a component of the slag portland cement, which can improve the performance of the cement and reduce the production cost and energy consumption.

The use of slag with moderate or excessive amounts of ready-mixed concrete and cement products can improve the performance of concrete and is a high-quality mixed building material.

Slag raw materials

Mineral powder finished product

After partially replacing clinker

After partially replacing cement


The slag raw material is taken by a forklift and fed, and conveyed by a belt conveyor. During the conveying process, the slag raw material is then iron-removed and sieved through the iron remover and the vibrating sieve, and then it is pulverized by the elevator into the VM vertical milling machine. The slag after grinding is hot-air supplied by a hot blast stove, and the powder is selected by a separator and dried at the same time. The slag powder that meets the fineness requirements is finally transported to the dust collector for collection and containment, and then transported by an air transport chute and elevator into the finished product warehouse for storage.


VM slag vertical mill is a special equipment for industrial waste slag milling. It integrates crushing, drying, grinding, grading and conveying. It has a simple system and a compact layout. It covers an area of about 50% of the ball milling system and can be arranged in the open air. A large number of investment costs are reduced; and the grinding roller directly grinds and grinds the material on the grinding disc, which has low energy consumption and saves 30% to 40% of energy consumption compared with the ball milling system.

01Exclusive hydraulic device.
The roller can be turned out of the machine by a hydraulic device, replacing the roller bushing and the mill has a large inspection space, and the maintenance work is very convenient.
02Unique roller sleeve.
Can be turned over to extend the life of wear-resistant materials.
03Can start without load.
There is no need to cloth on the grinding disc before starting, and the mill can be started without load, eliminating the trouble of starting the machine.
04Unique roller limit device.
Avoid severe vibrations caused by broken material during working hours.
05Stable and efficient.
Due to the action of the hydraulic device and the position limiting device, the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding disc can be adjusted to a constant gap with wear to ensure the grinding pressure and ensure the stable output.
06Unique new roller sealing device.
The seal is more reliable and there is no need to seal the fan.
07proprietary roller shaft thin oil lubrication.
The use of circulation forced lubrication, safe and reliable, long service life.
08Selector frequency control.
It ensures quick and convenient adjustment of material fineness and stable particle size.


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