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As a kind of fuel, coal can trace back as early as 800 years ago. It is a kind of non-renewable energy and also an important energy source. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, cement, electricity, heating, boiler and other industries. Today, large-scale coal-fired power plants are still dominated by pulverized coal boilers. However, with the increasing shortage of coal resources in the world, the processing and utilization of coal are also moving towards a refined development. New technologies such as coal chemical industry, coal gas, coal oil production and high-efficiency pulverized coal boilers are gradually maturing. Coal will become an irreplaceable source of energy in human life.


Preparation scheme

1   One-step pulverized coal preparation system

  • The system will be drying and milling at the same time, can be achieved while grinding edge drying. Using kefid VM series of vertical mill, the system safe and stable, low noise, energy saving.

  • VM - Vertical Grinding Mill

    Application : It is suitable for users who have big demand for coal output.

    Production capacity : 5-100T / H

  • Advantages :

    1. Unique five-level safety protection system to ensure the safe production of coal mill.

    2.High efficiency hydraulic device and limit device make the gap between grinding roller and grinding disc can be transferred to a constant gap with wear to ensure grinding pressure and ensure stable output.

    3. The use of variable frequency separator control, fineness adjustment convenient, granularity and stability.

    4. Roll over the use of roller sleeve, extending the service life of wear-resistant materials; grinding roller oil lubrication, and the use of forced circulation lubrication, safe and reliable and long service life.

    5. Unique negative pressure production, environmental clean, no dust.

2   Two-step pulverized coal preparation system

  • The system drying and milling independently of each other, respectively, after drying grinding. The main equipment used kefidMTW series European version of mill, bevel gear overall transmission, the three systems are thin oil lubrication, small footprint, less investment, quick, easy maintenance, energy saving and environmental protection.

  • MTW-Series European Tech. Grinding Mill

    Application : For less demanding on the production of coal users

    Production capacity : 2-30T/H

  • Advantages :

    1. Advanced transmission.Bevel gear overall transmission, transmission ratio is accurate, less transmission chain, energy loss, significantly improved performance.

    2. Use thin oil lubrication.Spindle drive system, fan drive system are thin oil lubrication, oil change period of about 4 months, long oil change intervals, low cost, less maintenance frequency.

    3 using a new type of hanging cage separator.The use of a new type of hanging cage separator, the election of high efficiency, high precision; variable frequency control, adjustable particle size control.

    4. Advanced technology, low operating costs.From Germany's new technology, the use of seven core patents. High efficiency, low operating cost, high quality pendulum mill products.

    5 energy saving and environmental.Environmental certification through industrial products to meet the national environmental requirements.

Engineering Procurement Construction

Pulverized coal station EPC

Kefid can provide its customers with grinding equipment and services ranging from stand-alone systems to complete systems, including coal mill total projects and EPC projects to ensure efficient and orderly operation of the project with full service.

Project planning

Equipment supply

Installation and debugging

Client visits

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