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High value-added basalt ore aggregate production line

Basalt is a volcanic rock and its main components are silica, alumina, iron oxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide (also a small amount of potassium oxide, sodium oxide), of which the most content is silicon dioxide, accounting for about 45-50%. Therefore, basalt belongs to high hardness rock, and it also has a relatively high hardness requirement for crushing equipment.
At the same time, basalt has strong compressive strength, low crush value, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is an ideal material for repairing roads, railways and airport runways.
For the high hardness rock of basalt, the configuration of jaw crusher + cone crusher is also a reasonable choice. Jaw crusher as primary crusher, can crush basalt one-time to medium grain size (usually in 10-30cm).
Cone crusher as secondary crusher, is specially designed for hard rock crushing. If you choose hammer crusher or impact crusher as secondary crusher,the wear in the later will inevitably be great and the operation and maintenance costs are high. Choosing the right machine is very important for basalt crushing.
Kefid develops and produces spring cone crusher and single cylinder/multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, using the principle of laminating crushing,it has high crushing efficiency, small wear and a variety of crushing cavity type, which can adjust different specifications of high-quality basalt aggregates.
Kefid also developed mobile basalt crusher based on fixed type stone crusher (mobile jaw crusher, mobile cone crusher and combined configuration). The on-board system has tire type and crawler type. The type can flexibly change the site according to the production situation, which provides great convenience for basalt and other gravel production projects.
At present, this type of mobile crusher has received widespread attention and favor from customers at home and abroad. Many production lines have been operating around the world.