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How many mm is the medium sand?

Asker: Erman
Ask date: 3/6/2018 03:32:15PM
 How many mm is the medium sand?


Dear Erman,

In civil engineering, the particle size greater than 4.75mm is coarse aggregate, also known as "stone"; the particle size between 0.15mm-4.75mm is fine aggregate, also known as "sand" . The sand is generally divided into coarse sand, medium sand and fine sand.
The standard medium sand in construction refers to the grain size less than 5mm rock fragments that are formed and deposited in natural waters such as lakes, seas and rivers. They may also be rock fragments that have been deposited in the proper terrains after weathering of the rock mass
In recent years, with the increasing gap of natural sand, the mechanism sand has become the main source of sand for construction purposes.
Mechanism sand is made through crusher, sand making machine for crushing and screening. The machine performance is more important for the capacity and quality.
Kefid sand system can use limestone, pebbles, pebbles, granite and other stones and tailings, waste, construction waste as raw material, using environmentally friendly dry process to produce high quality mechanism sand comparable to natural sand. Its fineness and particle size are completely in line with the standard of sand for concrete, which can be used in sand making projects such as concrete mixing plant, dry-mixed mortar and cement products factory to meet the huge market demand for high-quality sand.