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What kind of equipment is suitable for crushing manganese carbonate ore?

Asker: Ramesh
Ask date: 9/1/2017 01:42:15PM
 What kind of equipment is suitable for crushing manganese carbonate ore?


Dear Ramesh,

Manganese carbonate is the ore underground deep rock, belonging to a kind of manganese ore and is a metal ore.
Manganese carbonate is the raw material to produce electrolytic manganese metal, but also to produce magnetic materials. The mineral seperation is mainly flotation and strong magnetic separation, also use combined process selection in a variety of ways.
Before the election of fine powder, we firstly need to crush the ore. For manganese carbonate ore, we generally need to configure coarse crushing + fine crushing + grinding.
1.coarse crushing
We usually use jaw crusher.Its structure is simple and it has strong crushing ability, can crush large pieces of ore one-time into medium size.
2.fine crushing
For high hardness metal ore such as manganese carbide, cone crusher is the ideal choice. The crushed ore can be further crushed to achieve "more crushing, less grinding" to reduce the energy consumption of mineral processing.
Manganese carbonate ore fine crushing is generally divided into two stages. One stage is secondary crushing,we can take the standard type cone crusher, the feed port is large, the material in the 20mm or more; in the fine crushing, we can use short head type cone crusher which can control fineness well. The material can achieve 13mm or less, the minimum can reach 6mm. Kefid HST single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and HPT multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a classic configuration, a lot of metal ore choose them.
After the crushing, the material will be sent into the ball mill for grinding, and then select the powder, so that a full set of processing completed.