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Plate of feeder in Sand making line

Posted: March 23, 2013  Views: 9

Apron feeder used to give material from the silo to the receiving end, timely and continuously . Kefid Heavy production's plate feeder specifically is used in sand and gravel aggregate production line.It has good feeding function, and we absorb the advanced feeding technologies, and continuous improvement in practice, economical and practical from the feed The best choice of equipment.

The apron feeder divided into light, medium-sized feeder feeder, heavy feeder three. The apron feeder is mainly used in the mining, chemical, cement, building materials and other fields. Can be mounted horizontally, the installation can also be tilted, elevation does not exceed 20 degrees. Light apron feeder feed particle size in less than 160mm; medium-sized apron feeder to feed size less than 400mm; medium plate can be used as feeder transport a variety of large-scale mechanical auxiliary equipment, in large beneficiation, building materials, cement production is also widely application.

The apron feeder main components: feed chute body, exciter, spring bearing, gear, screw tensioning device, the modular sprocket, bearing roller wheel, hydraulic couplings.

Apron feeder vibration source is vibration exciter, exciter by two eccentric shafts (active and passive) and gear pairs composed by V-belt driven by the motor driving shaft, driven shaft rotation by the drive shaft gear meshing, Lord, the driven shaft reverse rotation, so that the vibration of the tank, so that a continuous flow of materials to achieve the purpose of transporting materials.

1.Small size, light weight, simple and compact structure, small investment;

2.Skilled, uniform feeding, timing, continuous;

3.Tensioning device type screw tensioner;

4.The head and tail use the rolling bearings;

5.Power is smaller and saving energy;

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Plate of feeder in Sand making line

March 23, 2013