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Primary impact crusher is the ideal equipment for crushing limestone

Posted: May 15, 2013  Views: 4

The limestone resources is very rich, which's mainly distributed in Shaanxi, Anhui, Guangxi, etc. The limestone crushing and powder processing has formed an industry, to the limestone primary crushing equipment, we generally choose jaw crusher. Jaw crusher inlet is big, and coupled with its unique crushing principle, which makes it become the best primary crushing equipment for crushing limestone.

According to the specific use of limestone, in the process of the secondary crushing, we may adopt different crushing equipments. And because the limestone hardness is relatively low, generally, using the facilities were nothing more than hammer crusher, primary impact crusher.

At the early stage of the cement production, need to use hammer crusher for crushing limestone, and divide in yards. And the hammer crusher can be divided into box crusher and hammer crusher, the box crusher is to use gas control discharging granularity. However, among senior stone production line, we seldom use the hammer crusher, because the primary impact crusher is higher than the hammer crusher in crushing efficiency and wear-resisting degree, especially its discharging granularity. Primary impact crushers usually have two or three broken cavities, using the plate hammer and impact plate joint effect in plastic crushing for the material, and hammer crushers just use the hammer's impact.

Primary impact crusher greatly promoted the efficiency of limestone production line, besides, among stone broken by primary impact crusher, cubical content many, the needle flake content is low, which meets the requirements of high-quality stone.