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Sand producting line equipment,sand production line

Posted: April 02, 2013  Views: 8

Sand production line equipments include the feeder,the jaw crusher,the sand making machine (or counterattack crusher) and the vibrating screen. The user can combine the various types of equipments,to meet different process requirements.

In the the production of mechanisms sand these equipments are needed,the impact crusher,the jaw crusher and sand making equipment.

Mechanisms sand not only superior to the natural sand, river sand, can also recycle a lot of waste rock, tailings and river pebbles, sand crusher produced better quality concrete needs to adapt to a variety of labels, asphalt concrete .

Sand production line features:

The sand making production line with a high degree of automation,a simple installation,a easy maintenance,a low operating costs,and it has the features of energy saving, large output, less pollution and easy maintenance. The mechanism of sand produced in line with the national construction sand standards, uniform size, excellent Product grain type.The Supporting is reasonable the working noise below 75 decibels and the dust pollution is less.