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the process of marble sand making production line and the marble sand making equipment

Posted: May 22, 2013  Views: 6

Marble is limestone of recrystallization, its main component is calcium and dolomite. In the marble mining and processing, produce of rubble, tailings, material is also often used in artificial stone, terrazzo, ballast and powder production, besides, it's also used for coatings, plastics and rubber industries such as textiles. Marble sand making production line integrates with advantages of jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, impact crusher, etc. They are systematic coordination configuration to connect together of the production equipment.

Marble is larger than granite in hardness, which belongs to the hardness of stone material and has higher compressive strength and good physical and chemical properties. Marble stone waste materials cutted by stone factory is rare good material to artificial sand production factory. The basic process of marble sand production line: Firstly, using jaw crusher make a primary crush, and then, the production of raw materials are transported to fine crusher by belt conveyor for the secondary crush. The stone crushed by secondary crusher is separated two type stones by vibrating screen. Some meet the requirements of the marble sand machine feeding granularity are transported into the marble sand machine, another part of materials are transported into the secondary crusher. Some stone transported into the marble sand making equipment is crushed to be sand, the other part is transported into the marble sand making equipment for broken again.

Marble sand making production line can crush marble to the artificial sand, the sand can be in 1 to 5 mm, 5 to 10 mm, 10 to 15 mm, under 20 mm such as particle size, and the specific size range can be adjusted through the marble processing equipment. Liming heavy industry is a professional sand and gravel equipment manufacturer. Our professional sand and gravel equipment engineers provide the most suitable crusher equipment scheme for our customers, which can get the lowest energy consumption, cost minimum and efficiency maximization.