Trapezium Mill

TGM Series Super Pressure Trapezium Mill is the advanced grinding machine with our own technology patent.TGM Series Super Pressure Trapezium Mill is researched and designed by our experts basing on long term experiences of mill research and development, and according to numbers of customers’ using requirements and suggestions home and abroard.


    Material : ZGMn13-3

    Function : Grinding the raw material with the ring.

  • RING

    Material : ZG60Si2CrA

    Function : Grinding the raw material with the ring.


    Material : ZG65Mn

    Function : Scoop the raw material for being grinded.


    Material : HT

    Function : Classify the fineness



1. Remove the roller assembly from the hanger.

2. Remove the lock nuts from the roller assembly.

3. Knock down the roller with a hammer and replace the new one.


Cut the ring by oxygen and replace the new one.

Shove edge:

1. Remove the lock nuts from the shovel base and remove the damaged shovel edge.

2. Replace the new shovel edge.

Fans of the separator:

1. Lift off the separator.

2. Open the separator and replace the fans.


1. During the operation of the grinder, there must be permanent professional staff being in charge of it. Prior to installation of the equipment, people concerned with operation, maintenance and electricity must be technically trained. The handlers should know the principle and performance of the grinder and be familiar with the operation procedures.

2. To ensure normal operation of the equipment, laying down maintenance and safe operation system of the equipment is required. Simultaneously, necessary tools for checking and repairing, lubricating oil and grease and spare parts must be available for immediate use.

3. Overhaul the grinder regularly and change the spare parts such as roller, grinding ring, blade if they are worn down. Check the connecting bolt and assure that they are not loosen before using the grinder .under no circumstance can you ignore the importance of regular lubrication.

4. When roller be replaced, to clean bearings in them and replace broken ones, and then fill enough oil and grease (with oil-pump or grease-gun).

5. The Maintenance and service of the speed reducer should be did according to the instruction.