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The advantages and disadvantages of dry sand making and wet sand making

Dry sand production: 
1. Reduce the cost of water use and reduce production costs; 
2. Not subject to environmental restrictions, where water is scarce, sand can also be produced; 
3. Small footprint and compact production line.
Wet sand making: 
1. The surface of the sand is clean and the perception is good; 
2. The production environment is free of dust pollution.
Dry sand production: 
1. During the production process, the dust content is large and the environmental pollution is large; 
2. The sandstone raw material is required to be high, and the impurity content of soil, organic matter should be strictly controlled in the source; 
3. It is not as clean as the wet method. The surface is poor in sensory.
Wet sand production: 
1. Massive use of water resources, high production cost; 
2. Geographical restrictions, water shortage areas can not be used; 
3. Stone powder can make up the gap of artificial sand in concrete, and wash it together during sand washing.
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