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What is the price of sand washer that can wash 1,200 tons of sand per day?

Asker: Rico
Ask date: 3/11/2021 10:21:26AM
Question: What is the price of sand washer that can wash 1,200 tons of sand per day?


Dear Rico,

Sand washing machine, also known as stone washing machine, has two common types: bucket sand washing machine and spiral sand washing machine. It is a very important washing equipment in the artificial sand production line. Its main function is to wash away the impurities in the machine-made sand product and improve the purity of the sand and stone product.
The price of a small sand washing machine is affected by many factors:
1. Different models: There are various types of small sand washing machines, such as spiral sand washing machines LX, 2LX, etc., bucket-type sand washing machines have three types of single impeller, double impeller and three impeller, and different types of sand washing equipment models have different prices.
2. Manufacturers: There are many manufacturers of sand washing machines on the market. Different manufacturers have different production processes and different prices.And the manufacturers have different sales models and prices. Direct-selling manufacturers have lower prices than consignment manufacturers. Because there is no middleman.
In addition, customer will usually choose multiple manufacturers to consult and quote. The equipment quotes given by each manufacturer are different, right? The reason is simple, because each manufacturer has its own production and operation methods, and the selection of raw materials and workmanship will cause the price of the equipment to be uneven. Don't just compare prices, but consider the actual quality and value of the equipment.
The price of a sand washing machine that can wash 1,200 tons of sand per day is not too expensive. Users who intend to buy can always inquire for free online at any time. We will provide you with an economical quotation for reference and understanding.
To learn more about sand washing machine equipment, please contact our 24hour online customer service.