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Regarding the waste disposal after house demolition, why is a mobile crusher more suitable?

Asker: Patryk
Ask date: 3/13/2021 01:47:57PM
Regarding the waste disposal after house demolition, why is a mobile crusher more suitable?


Dear Patryk,

Construction waste is an appendage derived from many construction projects. Allowing it to accumulate will only waste land and pollute the environment. The concept of recycled aggregates is a good solution, but construction waste is usually stacked in relatively narrow or remote corners. The fixed crushing production line has very high requirements for the site. This is why most users choose mobile crushers. One is that it covers a small area and has almost no requirements for the operating environment. Free access to various construction waste storage sites, and no need for piling or demolition processes.
The mobile crusher is divided into large, medium and small models, which can crush coarse, medium and fine aggregates of various specifications. Large-scale facilities can directly "swallow" large pieces of construction waste, and then adopt the iron removal process, multi-level crushing process, and then screen through the required discharge model specifications. One piece of equipment can be used as a sand and gravel plant. The configuration is more flexible. Users can adopt different configurations according to different raw materials, output and finished materials.
Divided by driving equipment, there is a semi-mobile car tire mobile construction waste crusher, which is driven into the site by the tractor head, and the hourly output scale is 30-500 tons. The automatic crawler mobile crusher can move freely, and the intelligent system can be activated by one-key intelligent remote control. Any place, narrow, slope and other special areas are not controlled, which is convenient for operation.