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Why is the impact crusher widely used?

Asker: Abib
Ask date: 12/17/2020 11:24:08AM
Question: Why is the impact crusher widely used?


Dear Abib,

1. The impact crusher has a wide selection of materials when it is used. As long as the size of the material is not greater than 500mm, it can be used for crushing. If used for coarse crushing, it can even crush ore with a diameter of 2m. Therefore, the impact crusher can be used for both coarse crushing and fine crushing, which saves the cost of equipment for customers.
2. When the impact crusher is used to crush materials, most of the finished products produced are in the shape of a cube, which fully meets the strict requirements of many construction fields, such as highway road construction and infrastructure construction of hydropower facilities.
3. The simple structure and easy installation of the impact crusher are also one of the reasons why it is very popular. When the customers use it, there is no need for complicated installation foundation, and it can be installed simply. Even so, when the crusher is working, there will be no large vibration that affects the work. In addition, the simple structure principle also allows the operators to conveniently perform maintenance or repairs, thereby ensuring the smooth progress of production.