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The solution to prevent corrosion and rust of stone crusher

The stone crusher is made of steel. The steel will corrode and rust under the action of water and oxygen, which will cause the damage of the stone crusher and reduce the service life of the crusher. The solutions to prevent the stone crusher from corrosion and rust are as follows:
1. The stone crusher should be stored in a dry room or a sealed room to prevent corrosion and rust caused by the combination of moisture and oxygen.
2. For long-term storage, let the stone crusher run for a few minutes at regular intervals to ensure good lubrication performance between the various parts of the crusher and prevent rust between important parts.
3. The parts of the stone crusher are removed from the machine body to be coated with antiseptic.
4. The outer layer of the crusher should be coated with a layer of preservative or sealed, which can reduce the probability of rust.
5. Put cusions under the parts that contact the ground or apply preservatives to prevent rusting caused by contact with the ground.
6. When the stone crusher is stored for a long time and used again, the crusher must be inspected as a whole to prevent rust, corrosion or insufficient lubricating oil during long-term storage, thereby reducing the efficiency and life of the crusher.