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What is the reason for the slow feeding of jaw crusher?

Asker: Terry
Ask date: 2/20/2021 11:32:01AM
Question: What is the reason for the slow feeding of jaw crusher?


Dear Terry,
When the jaw crusher encounters materials with large surface moisture, it is very easy to jam, and the ore will be blocked in the cavity after crushing, and the material will not come down or the material will be slow; or because the jaw crusher is crushing the material, there is mud mixed in, making the minerals unable to come down.
In this case, you can try the following methods:
1. Pre-screening, pre-washing, and ore blending can be used to control moisture, but some ores are more difficult to process;
2. Pre-screening is also possible, and the discharge port is appropriately enlarged; the discharge efficiency is increased;
3. You can also reduce the spindle speed and increase the discharge port;
4. The discharge opening can also be adjusted, but the angle should not be too flat.