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The future development of mining machinery  

With the deepening of people's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, high-consumption machinery has been gradually eliminated by the market, and mining machinery and equipment are also accelerating technological innovation, optimizing product quality, and accelerating the pace of energy conservation and emission reduction. At present, the mining machinery industry of China has entered a period of rapid development, mining machinery has become increasingly mature in terms of technological content and market operation. Facing the opportunity of the great development of the industry, what direction will mining machinery develop in the future? Green, smart.

Green is the general trend. For the purpose of environmental protection and energy saving, the use of green raw materials to manufacture mining machinery and equipment that can be recycled and has little environmental damage. Take the K series tire mobile crusher launched by Kefid as an example. In order to reduce environmental pollution, the design of water spray and dust suppression device is specially added, and rubber skin is added at the connection position of the discharge and the material inlet, which effectively reduces noise and dust emissions. The green wind will surely drive the scientific and technological research and development strength of the mining machinery industry to new heights.
Whether it is a small coal mine or a large concentrator, there is an urgent need for high-energy and low-consumption equipment with strong processing capacity and high separation efficiency. The design concept of the K series tire mobile crusher is to stand on the customer's standpoint and bring the elimination of the crushing site, environment, and complex basic configuration to the customer's crushing operation obstacles, and to achieve rapid production after stationing. Its feeding unit optimizes the width and gap of the grate structure of the feeder, and pre-screens the grate stratification, so that the fine material that does not need to flow into the crushing chamber of the main machine to be crushes is divided in advance, and the processing capacity of the whole machine is improved. It can not only save the demand for resources, but also improve the utilization rate of resources, and it can promote the technological innovation of mining equipment.
Mining machinery is originally a very high-tech and integrated equipment. With the continuous injection of new technologies in the fields of materials science and information technology, mining machinery is becoming more and more intelligent. The hydraulic control of the K series tire mobile crusher can complete intelligent extension actions such as lifting and erecting, transportation and folding, which demonstrates the charm of high technology.