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What is the working principle of vertical coal mill?

Asker: Andrew
Ask date: 10/30/2020 01:43:31PM
Question: What is the working principle of vertical coal mill?


Dear Andrew,

The raw coal is sieved from the raw coal storage yard through a grid screen and then falls onto a large inclination belt conveyor or hoist. After iron is removed by an electromagnetic separator, the belt conveyor or hoist sends the raw coal to the raw coal bunker for storage.
After the pulverizing system has been started, open the rod valve at the bottom of the raw coal bunker, start the sealed metering belt coal feeder, and the raw coal enters the vertical coal mill for drying and grinding.
The hot air or waste gas from the hot blast stove is drawn by the fan of the system and enters the vertical coal mill. After sufficient heat exchange with the ground coal in the mill, the pulverized coal is taken up and separated at the separator. The unqualified coarse pulverized coal falls on the grinding disc for grinding again, and the qualified pulverized coal enters the explosion-proof gas box pulse dust collector with the air flow to be collected, and is discharged into the pulverized coal bin through the dividing wheel. The sundries in the raw coal, such as some coal gangue, metal blocks, etc., are removed from the mill through the air ring and the slag outlet.
In the entire process, a CO-O2 online analysis system is installed. When processing coal with high volatile content, safety measures such as nitrogen protection and CO2 automatic fire extinguishing system can be installed.