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What kind of mill is used for grinding petroleum coke?

Asker: Tony
Ask date: 4/9/2020 03:41:10PM
Question: What kind of mill is used for grinding petroleum coke?


Dear Tony,

Petroleum coke is the "waste" at the end of the petroleum refining process. After being ground by a mill (general demand is 200 mesh), it can replace heavy oil as glass fuel. Compared with heavy oil, petroleum coke is cheap and readily available, which not only can greatly reduce the production cost of the glass industry, but also opens up new ways to use waste energy.
The grinding porcess of petroleum coke is:
After being crushed, the petroleum coke is grinded by MTW European type grinding mill to produce petroleum coke powder that meets the customer's requirements. It is continuously, uniformly and stably injected into the kiln by the conveying system for combustion.
The combustion temperature of petroleum coke powder in a glass melting furnace can reach or approach the flame temperature of heavy oil combustion at 1650-1730 degrees. The ash content is the same as that of heavy oil, and the sulfur powder is lower than coal tar.
The advantages of MTW European type grinding mill in petroleum coke powder grinding:
1. In view of the characteristics of light petroleum coke and light weight, it is not easy to form a powder abrasive layer, MTW European type grinding mill optimizes the structure of the main machine grinding device and blade, and adopts the structure design of cage turbine classifier, which improves the capacity and does not have large particles appears, and can ensure that the system can run stably for a long time.
2. Internal thin oil lubrication system, generally change the oil once every 4 months, greatly improve equipment utilization, reduce downtime and maintenance time, reduce costs.
3. The environmental protection effect is good. The dust collector adopts the US offline cleaning technology to ensure the cleaning effect. The cloth bag uses an oleophobic and hydrophobic membrane filter bag (suitable for powder with strong adhesion such as petroleum coke, asphalt, etc.). The filter area of the dust collector is increased, the adhesion of the powder on the bag is small, and the whole machine adopts fully enclosed negative pressure operation, the production environment is clean, no dust pollution, and the dust emission is less than 20mg/m3, which meets the national environmental protection requirements.
4. Good safety performance, because petroleum coke is a fuel, it has a certain degree of danger. Kefid combined with experience in coal powder and other industries, equipped with an explosion relief device on the equipment to improve the safety of the equipment.
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