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The shape, gradation and stone powder content of the mechanism sand particles

The mechanism sand is formed by blasting and mechanical rolling of hard rock such as limestone, dolomite, granite and basalt. The particle shape, gradation, stone powder content three important technical indexes of the mechanism sand affect the workability, strength, dry shrinkage resistance and wear resistance of the concrete.
Particle shape
Because the mechanism sand is made of crushed stone, its surface is rough and the grain shape is irregular. It is mostly horn-shaped particles or flaky particles. Different grain-shaped mechanism sands have a great influence on the workability of concrete. For example, the concrete mixed with flake particles has poor workability, and the ideal grain shape is similar to cubic particles.
Particle grading
If the mechanism sand gradation is not good, the mixed concrete will be poor in workability and easy to be separated. Therefore, the mechanism sand particles larger than 5 mm in the concrete should be limited to 20%.
Stone powder content
Stone powder refers to fine powder of less than 0.08mm. When mixing concrete, the proper amount of stone powder in the mechanism sand can improve the strength of concrete and improve the workability of concrete. In general, the stone powder in the mechanism sand can be controlled within 7%.
About mechanism sand equipment
At present, VSI series sand making machine, 5X series sand making machine and 6X series sand making machine are widely used. They all belong to vertical shaft impact crusher with good sand making effect.
The mobile sand making machine is a new type of technology utilization. The sanding machine mainframe and vehicle system set screening and conveying in one, without fixed installation, because it can be moved, convenient to change the production site has attracted the attention of many customers.
The VU floor sand making system adopts a highly intensive tower-type fully enclosed arrangement. The whole system consists of VU vertical shaft impact crusher, VU mode control screen, VU grain machine, humidifying agitator, dust collecting powder module and central control system. It has a small footprint and good environmental protection effect. The output of the finished sand grade is reasonable, the grain shape is round, the powder content is controllable, and it can reach the quality sand standard.
Regarding the question of how to choose, you can comprehensively weigh according to your actual production situation, site, capital or contact our online customer service. We will arrange technical personnel to give you professional suggestions.