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Vigorously promote the mechanism sand to replace the river sand to become the two sessions issues

At the two sessions in 2019, Huo Weiping, a member of the Political Association, pointed out some problems in the high demand state of sand and gravel and the application of natural sand in China, and proposed a solution to vigorously promote the mechanism sand to replace the river sand, which caused a heated discussion among the delegates.
Sand and gravel aggregate is an indispensable and large-scale basic raw material for national economic construction. According to relevant statistics, the world's sandstone aggregate production is about 40 billion tons in 2018. This is the second largest natural resource that consumes huge after water (about 600 billion tons).
In fact, many engineering projects have already used mechanism sand to replace river sand. Compared with river sand, mechanical sand can not only ensure stable supply, but also has the controllable finished sand grading, grain type and powder content and can reach the standard of fine sand.
At present, the VSI sand making machine, 5X sand making machine, 6X sand making machine and other vertical shaft impact crusher series equipment in the field of mechanical sand has a wide market acceptance and good reputation. On this basis, the upgraded mobile sand making machine has become a hot spot in the industry due to its flexible and convenient mobile performance.
In view of the severe environmental problems in the mechanism sand industry, various control methods such as dust removal and spray can be taken in the factory. At the same time, the tower sand system has become a new choice for many customers. The system is a fully enclosed structure, and the dust does not overflow. The environmentally friendly dry process does not require water washing and does not produce problems such as sewage, silt, dust, etc. It is an ideal choice for mechanism sand processing.