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Compared with spring cone crusher, what are the advantages of hydraulic cone crusher?

Asker: Farhod
Ask date: 10/15/2020 01:24:52PM
Question: Compared with spring cone crusher, what are the advantages of hydraulic cone crusher?


Dear Farhod,

Cone crusher is a two-stage crushing equipment commonly used in mine crushing and construction sand and gravel crushing. Cone crusher has a long history of application. It has been developed from traditional spring cone crusher to modern hydraulic cone crusher.
The advantages of hydraulic cone crusher are as follows:
1. Hydraulic cone crusher adopts hydraulic protection and hydraulic cavity cleaning, which is convenient for maintenance and short downtime, which greatly reduces the trouble of stopping the original spring cone crusher for manual discharge.
2. Hydraulic cone crusher has iron protection device, when debris enters the cavity, the protection device will automatically release it, and then reset immediately, without affecting the normal operation of the equipment. However, the over-iron protection stroke of the spring cone crusher is relatively short, which sometimes causes major accidents such as broken shafts.
3. Hydraulic cone crusher adopts the principle of laminated crushing, which can use the crushing action between the stones to reduce the abrasion of the machine, and the flakes are rounded, which solves the problem of the previous cone crusher products with many needles.
4. Hydraulic cone crusher uses hydraulic discharge, so it is not easy to be blocked. If it is blocked, only need to adjust the hydraulic system operating valve to achieve non-stop maintenance. However, the spring crusher is prone to material blockage. You need to stop production for repairs.
5. Hydraulic cone crusher adopts a sealed cylinder to prevent dust and runs more reliably, while the spring cone crusher is sealed with water, which may easily cause poor lubrication due to oil and water mixing.