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Compared with traditional sand making machines, what is the advantages of VSI6X vertical shaft impact crusher?

Asker: amin
Ask date: 6/17/2020 05:36:11PM
Question: Compared with traditional sand making machines, what is the advantages of VSI6X vertical shaft impact crusher?


Dear amin,

VSI6S vertical shaft impact crusher is a new type of sand making machine upgraded on the basis of VSI series and 5X series sand making machines. It has become the mainstream equipment in the field of mechanism sand and is widely used in pebbles, granite, bluestone, limestone, basalt and tailings, waste and other materials in sand production, has accumulated a good market reputation.
Compared with traditional sand making machine, the advantages of newly upgraded VSI6S sand making machine are:
1. Upgrade the four-port impeller. The impeller structure of the VSI6S vertical shaft impact crusher is a new four-port deep cavity design. Compared with the traditional three-port impeller, the throughput and crushing efficiency are increased by about 10-20 tons, and the output is greater.
2. Fully automatic thin oil lubrication, longer oil change cycle than traditional manual grease lubrication, more uniform lubrication, supporting PLC and intelligent instruments, lubricating temperature controllable, and equipped with a cold air system to avoid excessive bearing temperature and improve bearing service life of transmission parts.
3. Optimize the crushing cavity type, VSI6S vertical shaft impact crusher has two kinds of crushing modes: "stone hitting iron" and "stone hitting stone". In the aspect of "stone hitting iron", the installation angle of the counter-attack block is optimized to reduce the energy loss when the material is impacted and crushed in the front, and to maintain a stable output; in the "stone hitting stone", the addition of the material layer separator can form a dense and stable stone layer to improve the crushing efficiency, cooperate with the falling overflow device, the finished sand gradation is more reasonable and the grain shape is better, which can be comparable to river sand.
4. The wear parts are more durable. Due to the optimization of the structure and technology of the impeller, the protection of the impeller body and the fixing of the wear parts are more reliable. Under the same operating conditions, the service life of the impeller and wear parts is longer than that of the traditional sand making machine about 30-200%, the equipment runs longer and more stable, and the cost is lower.
5. Easy to maintain, traditional sand making machine has not lifting device, VSI6S series are equipped with professional lifting device, convenient for machine installation, maintenance and other work, less manpower consumption, short downtime, does not affect the later production.
6. The quality of the finished sand is higher. The mechanism sand produced by the traditional sand making machine is sharp and angular. The particles are coarse. The gradation is uneven. The fineness modulus is usually above 3.1 or even higher, and fine-grained sand produced VSI6S sand making machine is round. The gradation meets the sand standard of zone Ⅱ. The fineness modulus can be adjusted below 3.0. The fine sand ratio between 0.15~0.6mm is increased to meet the requirements of high-standard sand.
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