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For iron ore,a crushing system is required,with a daily processing capacity of 10,000 tons of raw ore

Asker: llona
Ask date: 11/12/2020 04:12:01PM
Question: For iron ore, a crushing system is required, with a daily processing capacity of 10,000 tons of raw ore


Dear llona,

The iron ore crushing system includes coarse crusher, fine crusher and other auxiliary equipment. The iron ore crushing system solution provided by Kefid is: the vibrating screen uniformly transports the iron ore to the large jaw crusher; the coarsely crushed ore is sent to the cone crusher for fine crushing by the belt conveyor; then sent to the ball mill or other grinding equipment is processed into ore powder; afterwards, it is processed by magnetic separation or flotation.
An important principle of the iron ore crusher system is: more crushing and less grinding. This system is used for production and has gone through two rounds of crushing process. In particular, the HPT hydraulic cone crusher recommended by Kefid ensures that the product has a narrow particle size range and uniform thickness, which effectively reduces the energy consumption of the grinding operation and improves the particle size composition of the ball mill.This system has stable production process, energy saving and consumption reduction, realizes "more crushing and less grinding", and greatly improves the production capacity.
The processing capacity of Kefid's large jaw crusher is 520-1100 tons per hour, and the processing capacity of HPT hydraulic cone crusher is 230-700 tons per hour. It runs for 20 hours a day and can easily process 10,000 tons of raw ore.