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How are the locations of several mobile crushing station used in large quarries?

Asker: Hamza
Ask date: 9/24/2020 04:19:21PM
Question: How are the locations of several mobile crushing station used in large quarries?


Dear Hamza,

(1) The mobile crushing station is self-driving in terms of its walking ability. The typical walking mode is tire type and crawler type. From the arrangement position, it is generally located on the working surface of the quarry, and must move flexibly as the mining working surface advances.
(2) The semi-mobile crushing station itself does not have the walking function. It needs to be transported as a whole or in separate parts with the help of a special moving tool, without connecting to the ground. From the placement position, the working or non-working side of the quarry should be arranged. As the steps descend, the distance of the vehicle increases and moves to a suitable position below.
(3) The semi-fixed crushing station has an obvious connection with the ground, and the crusher needs to be installed on an effective concrete foundation or steel structure. In the placement position, it should be placed on a fixed side. Of course, some of them are limited by topography and geological conditions, and a relatively solid foundation is needed to place the crusher on the working side, which is also classified as a semi-fixed crushing station.
(4) The fixed crushing station has a solid foundation. It is used for a long time outside the quarry, and the transportation distance is relatively strong, so it is not suitable to be adjusted.