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How many machines do I need to crush stone? How much is a 1.2-meter jaw crusher?

Asker: Cita
Ask date: 10/17/2019 02:10:35PM
Question: How many machines do I need to crush stone? How much is a 1.2-meter jaw crusher?


Dear Cita,

Crushing stone machine generally requires feeder, crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, etc. The crusher is divided into different types of equipment such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher and sand making machine. This is the main equipment for producing stone. It may be different in a stone production line.
In terms of primary crushing, the configuration is usually jaw crusher, which can directly crush the large stones from the mountain to medium grain size (10-30cm). If the raw material is not large, it can be directly sent into the secondary crusher.
For secondary crushing, there are cone crusher, impact crusher,etc. If the raw material is medium-low hardness stone such as limestone or bluestone, the secondary crushing we can choose impact crusher. If it is high-hardness stone such as pebbles, granite or basalt, it needs to use cone crusher because impact crusher has larger wear.
If you want to produce mechanism sand, the tertiary crushing we should choose sand making machine, which can produce stones and sand at the same time.
If the production requirements of the entire production line are large, more than two machines may be deployed in the first, second and third stages. Therefore, we should determined according to actual production conditions.
The 1.2-meter jaw crusher is a standard jaw crusher model, namely PE1200*1500. It is primary crusher for processing stone. Only it can not complete the stone processing.It works combined with screening, conveying and other equipment. You can submit the production requirements to our 24hour online customer service, we will give you a complete set of stone equipment selection plan and quotation budget for reference.