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How much does it cost to open a quarry? What equipment is needed for the entire gravel production line?

Asker: Yaseen
Ask date: 8/1/2019 03:55:48PM
Question: How much does it cost to open a quarry? What equipment is needed for the entire gravel production line?


Dear Yaseen,

The question involves many aspects such as site, raw materials, formalities, equipment and power consumption. It requires comprehensive calculation considerations, and the quarry has different sizes. The capital investment is also different. We need to understand the specific production requirements to plan the quotation.
In terms of equipment, the whole set of stone production lines generally need feeding equipment, crushing equipment, screening equipment, conveying equipment and other parts to form a production line to complete the crushed stone production.
1.feeding, we generally adopts electromagnetic vibrating feeder, which can uniformly and continuously deliver materials to the crusher.
2.crushing, it generally consists of different kinds of equipment such as coarse crushing, fine crushing and shaping, sand making. If the raw material size is too large, it needs coarse crushing firstly. The commonly used coarse crusher is the jaw crusher. In terms of fine crushing, there are generally cone crusher and impact crusher, which can be directly produce 1-2, 1-3, 0.5 materials. If you want to produce mechanism sand, you can add sand making machine after fine crusher to produce sand below 0.5 cm.
3.screening, it is mainly circular vibrating screen, which is used to screen materials that meet the specifications, and the non-qualified materials returned to crusher for re-crushing.
4.transportation, it is mainly belt conveyor, which is used to connect all the links of the gravel production line.
The specific equipment selection needs to be determined according to factors such as output, size of input and output materials, etc. You can submit production requirements to online customer service. We will arrange professional technical managers to make selection plans and quotation budgets for reference.