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How much is it to build a mechanism sand plant?

Asker: Kareem
Ask date: 9/5/2019 10:20:56AM
Question: How much is it to build a mechanism sand plant?


Dear Kareem,

This involves many aspects such as document handling, raw materials, site, equipment investment and power input. As a whole, the investment of a sand plant with a certain scale and compliance is not small and it needs to have certain financial strength.
In terms of equipment, in addition to the single main machine-sand making machine, it usually needs vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, sand washing machine and other supporting equipment. If the raw material size is too large, it needs to be crushed before entering the sand making machine(the feed size is generally 3-5 cm or less). The more equipment is configured, the greater the investment cost. The mobile sand making machine is convenient and movable. The VU floor sand making system is completely closed and dust-free production, but its price is higher than that of a single sand making machine, it also has some advantages that no single sand making machine has. You can select according to actual production needs and funding conditions. We can give professional suggestions and solutions for reference, or arrange near-site inspections to see the operation of the equipment on site.
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