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How much is the crusher to produce 2,500 tons of railway ballast per day?

Asker: Camila
Ask date: 2/14/2019 11:39:06AM
Question: How much is the crusher to produce 2,500 tons of railway ballast per day?


Dear Camila,

The ballast is coarse gravel used for paving roads or railway subgrades.It is mainly used for railway bed, which acts as buffering and drainage to prevent the roadbed from sinking when the train passes impact is too much.
High-speed railways have strict requirements on gravel raw materials. The raw materials for producing ballast are generally solid granite, basalt and other stones. The discharge particle size is above 4cm. Generally, the secondary crushing can meet the discharge requirements.We can choose "jaw crusher + cone crusher" for hard rock.
Among them, jaw crusher is used for the coarse crushing of large stones, it can crush large stones into smaller pieces. In fine crushing, the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher + multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher combination can be used to improve the crushing efficiency and produce 3-7cm of ballast stone.
Jaw crusher and cone crusher have different series and models, the output of 2500 tons of railway ballast complete equipment, depending on the length of work, the type of equipment is different, the price is also different.
You can submit the production factors such as raw materials, feed size and working time to our 24hour online customer service. We will design the complete equipment selection configuration for you free of charge, and make a detailed quotation for your reference.