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How much is the equipment for a gravel production line?

Asker: xaban
Ask date: 11/19/2020 10:58:36AM
Question: How much is the equipment for a gravel production line?


Dear xaban,

A complete crushing production line generally consists of feeding, crushing, screening, conveying and other parts, and the components of the equipment have different series of machines of different sizes and models, and different models of machines are configured, and the price of the whole line will be different. Therefore, it is impossible to determine the selection and quotation of the entire crushed stone production line just by understanding the output factors.
First, let’s take a look at the main part of the crushing production line-crushing equipment, which is divided into coarse crushing and fine crushing equipment. The commonly used coarse crushing equipment is jaw crusher, and the fine crushing equipment includes cone crusher (suitable for crushing medium and high hardness stones) and impact crusher (suitable for crushing medium-to-low-hardness stones) which are configured differently according to the hardness of the stones. If you want to make sand, you can configure sand making machine after crushing.
Other ancillary equipment, the feeding selects the vibrating feeder, the screening selects the circular vibrating screen, the transportation selects the belt conveyor, and the main crushing equipment is used to complete the crushed stone production.
You can submit raw materials, feeding and discharging size, capacity and other production factors to our online customer service, and we will arrange professional and technical personnel to make a complete selection plan and quotation for you for reference.