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How to choose a sand making machine?

Asker: Amin
Ask date: 9/3/2019 02:06:12PM
Question: How to choose a sand making machine?


Dear Amin,

Mechanism sand is the rock, mine tailings or industrial waste particles with size of less than 4.7 mm by crushing and screening, but does not include soft, weathered particles.
The quality of mechanism sand is stable and it is often used in concrete mixing stations, dry-mixed mortars, etc. It is found in construction projects such as houses, roads, bridges and hydropower stations. How to choose a sand making machine?
1. Look at the quality of the equipment
The quality of equipment is the key to the normal production of sand making. Our sand making machine parts are made of high quality wear-resistant materials, as well as imported bearings and motors. The operation is stable, which can save the later operating expenses. Only the high quality sand making machine can produce high quality fine mechanism sand. The quality of the equipment can be judged by many parties through field inspections to the manufacturers and production sites.
2. Look at the environmental protection of equipment
The sand making machine equipment firstly needs to comply with the green environmental protection concept, and can strictly control noise and dust pollution. In the design of each sand production line, we design and arrange the production plan in the factory and configure the dust collector and dust spray system in the production process to strictly control the dust discharge. And the new VU tower sand system achieves full sealing production, and its dust emission concentration can be controlled at 10mg/m3, which can meet national emission reduction standards.
3. Look at after sale service
After-sales service is the guarantee for smooth production in the later stage. Generally, regular manufacturers have established a team of professional installation technical engineers to facilitate the timely maintenance of equipment and solve problems encountered in customer production. At the same time, ensure the adequate and stable supply of original accessories, reduce the downtime caused by wear and tear of accessories.
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