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How to choose the jaw plate of the jaw crusher?

Asker: Dilbarian
Ask date: 6/5/2019 01:50:02PM
Question: How to choose the jaw plate of the jaw crusher?


Dear Dilbarian,

The jaw plate (moving jaw and fixed jaw) is the main wear-resistant part of the jaw crusher. It is subjected to huge crushing force and friction of materials and is easily damaged. The service life of the jaw is directly related to the working efficiency and production cost of the jaw crusher. Be careful when selecting it:
1. Manganese steel alloy is selected, which has high wear resistance and long service life.
2. Using cold work hardening technology, high hardness.
3. Water tough treatment, to avoid the natural phase change in use, resulting in poor performance.
The jaw plate of Kefid has been carefully tempered by layers of strict quality. It has stable chemical composition, good wear resistance, high strength, corrosion resistance, durable, welcome to buy.