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How to control the coal crusher dust?

Asker: Najmi
Ask date: 11/22/2018 01:25:56PM
Question: How to control the coal crusher dust?


Dear Najmi,

The dust generated during the production process of coal crushers poses a great hidden danger to the performance of the equipment and the health of the operators. Therefore, the dust of the coal crusher must be strictly controlled. The measures are as follows:
1. Control from the source: Perform screening operations before crushing to reduce the source of dust generation.
2. Installation of dust removal device: In order to reduce the amount of dust discharged, dust removal device is arranged in the crushing chamber of the coal crusher to effectively reduce the pollution to the air.
3. Using humidification method: Add appropriate amount of water on the coal, this can greatly reduce the amount of dust generated in the coal crusher work, or install dust humidifier to work together.