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How to realize the solid waste utilization of concrete?

Asker: Dhani
Ask date: 5/16/2019 03:25:35PM
Question: How to realize the solid waste utilization of concrete?


Dear Dhani,

The waste concrete in construction waste is a construction waste that is of considerable resource utilization value and is a superior raw material for replacing natural sand. Realizing the resource utilization of waste concrete in construction can not only reduce the pressure of urban construction waste disposal, but also can replace more than 5-7 million tons of natural stone every year.
The K-series mobile station developed and manufactured by Kefid is a “transformer” in the treatment of construction concrete waste. With the principle of proximity treatment, it can realize the free movement of multiple venues and the free conversion of various occasions. With strong stability and large processing capacity, Kefid provides customers with simple, convenient and low-cost project implementation equipment.
If you are interested in sustainable solutions or equipment for concrete, please feel free to contact our 24hour online customer service, we will be happy to help you!