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Is the quality of sand made from pebbles good?

Asker: Kiko
Ask date: 6/5/2019 01:46:47PM
Question: Is the quality of sand made from pebbles good?


Dear Kiko,

Pebbles are accessory product for the mining of yellow sand. As a pure natural stone, pebbles undergo continuous squeezing and friction during the formation process, such as mountain flooding and running water. The quality is hard and the pressure resistance is good. Therefore, the quality of sand made from pebbles is very guaranteed. Specifically embodied in the following aspects:
1. The hardness of the pebbles is high, so the sand produced is hard enough, the crush resistance and  anti-wear is high, the hardness can reach similar to that of the river sand, and there is no problem in replacing the river sand.
2. The shape of the grain is good, the sand making machine has its own shaping effect,the sand is round and the stone powder content is controllable.
3. The grading is even, the sand of different specifications can be adjusted, and the fineness modulus adjustment is convenient (2.2-3.2).
4. Good quality, no cracks, no fine lines, no separation of coarse and fine particles, in line with construction sand standards.