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What equipment is used to process mineral powder for asphalt concrete?

Asker: Warg
Ask date: 5/14/2020 03:43:18PM
Question: What equipment is used to process mineral powder for asphalt concrete?


Dear Warg,

Asphalt concrete is a mixture made by artificially mixing certain graded mineral materials (crushed stone or crushed gravel, stone chips or sand, ore powder, etc.) and a certain proportion of road asphalt materials under strict control conditions. Asphalt concrete is widely used in highway construction and is a good pavement surface material.
Asphalt concrete has good performance characteristics and is closely related to good mineral powder. The strength of the asphalt mixture is mainly manifested in two aspects: one is the bonding force of the binder formed by the asphalt and the ore powder, and the other is the internal friction resistance and locking force between the aggregate particles. The huge surface area of ??fine ore particles (mostly less than 0.075 mm) enables the asphalt material to form a thin film, thereby improving the bonding strength and temperature stability of the asphalt material; and the locking force is mainly generated between the coarse aggregate particles. When choosing the asphalt concrete gradation, both must be taken into account, so that the mixture can form a dense, stable, suitable roughness and durable road surface after adding an appropriate amount of asphalt. It can be seen that the mineral powder has a very important role in asphalt concrete. It is because of the addition of mineral powder that the asphalt concrete realizes its performance value in highway construction.
As can be seen from the above, the requirements of asphalt concrete for the fineness of mineral powder are mostly less than 0.075 mm, about 200 mesh. Kefid is a large enterprise with many years of experience in the production and processing of milling equipment. It owns 5X series European version intelligent mill, MTW series European version mill, LM series vertical roller mill, TGM series overpressure trapezoidal mill, YGM series high pressure suspension mill and R series raymond mill. There are many kinds of grinding mill suitable for processing 200 mesh ore powder. You can choose the appropriate mill according to the actual needs of customers.