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What should I do if the granite crusher anchor bolt breaks?

Asker: Abiye
Ask date: 9/27/2019 11:10:19AM
Question: What should I do if the granite crusher anchor bolt breaks?


Dear Abiye,

1. There is a large piece of material in the crushing chamber: Since the staff has not cleaned the crushing chamber in time before the previous production, the granite crusher has a large piece of granite. When the crusher starts again, the anchor bolt is subjected to a large shear stress which causes the anchor bolt break.
2. Nut loose: In order to prevent the vibration of the granite crusher, when the crusher is installed, the shock-absorbing plank will be installed underground, but the damper will be rotted due to the long-term burial of the shock-absorbing plank, causing the anchor bolt to loosen, then the granite crusher produced a large forward and backward swing, which eventually caused the anchor bolt to break.
3. Rotor bearing damage: When the rotor bearing is crushing, it will cause serious damage. When the granite crusher is running, the eccentric load will increase, and the crusher will malfunction. Finally, the anchor bolt will break.
In order to prevent the breakage of the anchor bolt, the operator should clean the crushing cavity before starting the crusher, check the nut for looseness at regular intervals and check the wear of the rotor bearing in time.