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What should I do if the mechanism sand has large mud content?

Asker: Galal
Ask date: 12/20/2018 02:32:20PM
Question: What should I do if the mechanism sand has large mud content?


Dear Galal,

Mechanism sand is produced by sand making machines and other ancillary equipment.Its raw materials are mainly stone, stone chips, tailings, undercuts, etc. In the production process, because the stone adhere to the soil and other impurities, the finished product may also have a large amount of mud, which affects the quality of the mechanism sand.
The large amount of mud in the mechanism sand will result in a large amount of water required for the concrete, poor plasticity, increased shrinkage, reduced concrete strength, and easy cracking of the structure. Therefore, the mud content of the mechanism sand should be controlled at ≤3% (C30~C50).
How do we deal with the large amount of sediment in the mechanical sand?
In the dry sand production, sand washing machine can be arranged after the sand making machine to clean the mechanical sand, remove impurities such as dirt. At present, the sand washing machines commonly used in the industry include spiral sand washing machine and wheel sand washing machine.
Kefid XSD series sand washing machine is the wheel-type sand making machine developed with the actual situation of sand and gravel industry, it has three functions of cleaning, dehydration and classification. It can clean the mechanism sand, the river sand and the mountain sand.
In the wet sand production, the water source can be used to directly remove the soil.
There are two different ways to choose according to the actual production situation.