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What stone can be made into sand? How much does an annual output of 300,000 cubic meters of sand production line need to invest?

Asker: ahmad
Ask date: 12/11/2020 09:55:06AM
Question: What stone can be made into sand? How much does an annual output of 300,000 cubic meters of sand production line need to invest?


Dear ahmad,

There are many stones that can be made into sand. Specifically, the commonly used ones are:
1. Cobblestone, river pebbles, granite, basalt, bluestone, limestone, tuff and other stones generally need to be crushed before they can enter the sand making machine;
2. The crushed materials, such as stones, stone powder, stone chips can be directly fed into the sand making machine;
3. Waste materials such as tailings, waste rocks and construction waste can be processed and reused.
At present, there are the following types of commonly used sand production line equipment:
1. Fixed sand production line. Generally speaking, a set of fixed sand production line consists of feeder, crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, belt conveyor and other equipment. Among them, sand making machines are mainly vertical shaft impact crushers, and VSI/5X/6X series of sand making machines are commonly used sand making equipment.
2. The mobile sand making machine is developed on the basis of fixed sand making machine. The sand making machine, vibrating screen and other equipment are installed on the car body to form a mobile sand making machine. Compared with the fixed sand making production line, the mobile sand making machine does not need to be fixedly installed, it can be moved at will, and the production site can be changed at any time, which is very convenient.
3. The VU sand making building adopts a centralized layout of a tower with an all-steel frame. Equipment such as sand making machine, stone powder separation chamber, mold control screen, humidification and agitator are installed on the tower, forming a sand making system by itself, which not only covers a large area, and the production process is fully sealed, and the dust emission concentration can be controlled within 20mg/m3, which is lower than the national emission standard.
Different sand production forms have different equipment configurations, and all have different sizes and models. The selection and quotation need to be determined according to the specific production requirements. Therefore, according to the question of how much investment is required to invest in a sand production line with an annual output of 300,000 cubic meters,it is determined after understanding the production requirements. The raw materials, input and output sizes, capacity and other requirements can be submitted to online customer service, and we will make targeted selection plans and quotation budgets.