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Which machine is better for dry stone sand making?

Asker: Khamid
Ask date: 10/15/2020 01:20:38PM
Question: Which machine is better for dry stone sand making?


Dear Khamid,

Dry stone sand making machine refers to a sand making mode that does not use water in the sand making process, which can save water and has little restriction on the area. It can also be produced in areas lacking water sources. In the current field of mechanism sand, vertical shaft impact crusher, mobile sand making machine, and tower sand making machine all use dry sand making processes. Let’s take a look at the differences between the three:
Vertical shaft impact crusher
Vertical shaft impact crusher has both stone shaping and sand making effects. It has developed from PCL sand making machine to VSI sand making machine to VSI5X sand making machine and VSI6X sand making machine. It has a wide market application foundation and good reputation in the industry. The vertical shaft impact crusher belongs to the three stage in a production line, and the front generally needs to be equipped with crushing equipment.
Mobile sand making machine
Compared with the fixed sand making machine, it is equipped with a vehicle-mounted system. The sand making host is still vertical shaft impact crusher. In short, the vertical shaft impact crusher and vibrating screen are all fixed in a vehicle-mounted system. The advantage is that it can be driven directly to the production site without fixed installation. The machine can be produced after it is unfolded and fixed, which is very convenient to move.
Tower sand making machine
The whole system adopts a centralized and upward all-steel tower layout, and its structure is very similar to that of a building, which can save a lot of floor space. The vertical shaft impact crusher, mold control screen, stone powder separation chamber, stirring mixer and other plates are all arranged in the tower to form a fully-sealed sand-making processing system. The excess dust is discharged from a pipe and then collected by a dust collector to control chaos dust discharge. In the entire production process, the dust emission concentration can be controlled at 20mg/m3, which is lower than the national environmental protection regulations.
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