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Circular vibrating screen

The circular vibrating screen is a new type of screening equipment. Its vibration track is round. In the structure, the cylindrical eccentric shaft exciter and the partial block are used to adjust the amplitude. The advanced rivet connected to the assembled frame structure improve the service life of the device, the spring damping device reduces the impact on the foundation. The circular vibrating screen is a multi-layer new type of vibrating screen. The machine has a long screening line and a large number of screening specifications. The specifications of each file are clearly screened, the screening efficiency is high, and it is not easy to block. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, strong excitation force, small vibration noise, sturdy and durable, convenient maintenance and reliable. It is widely used in the classification of products in mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical industry, etc. It is the ideal device for crushing and screening. When a small-aperture screen is installed, water spray must be added to screen the wet viscous material.
The working principle of circular vibrating screen is:
The motor make the exciter eccentric mass to rotate at a high speed via a v-belt. The running eccentric block generates a large centrifugal force, which stimulates the screen box to generate a circular motion of certain amplitude. The material on the screen is subjected to the impulse of the screen box on the inclined screen surface to generate a continuous throwing motion, in the process of the material meeting the screen surface, the granules which are smaller than the sieve holes are sieved to achieve grading.