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The configuration of cobblestone mechanism sand production line

The cobblestone is a pure natural stone which like goose egg. It is taken from the sandstone mountain produced by the ancient riverbed uplift after the crustal movement thousands of years ago. It has experienced continuous crushing and friction during the flooding and running of water. It has the features of hard quality, good pressure resistance, wear and corrosion resistance. Due to the shortage of river sand, cobblestones are often processed into mechanism sand by crusher and sand making machines for the construction of houses and roads.
The main equipments of coobblestone mechanism sand production line are:
Jaw crusher (primary crushing), cone crusher (secondary crushing), sand making machine (tertiary crushing), generally divided into three stages of crushing.
The auxiliary equipments of cobblestone mechanism sand production line are:
Vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, sand washing machine.
This is complete configuration of a cobblestone sand production line. The auxiliary equipment for feeding, screening, conveying and sand washing is indispensable. The crushing equipment of the main part can be cut according to the actual production. If the size of the cobblestone raw material is not large, the primary crusher can be omitted, it can be directly sent into cone crusher for secondary crushing to get small stone; if the raw material is already small stone, it can be directly sent to the sand making machine for the mechanism sand production. This depends on factors such as raw material size and output in actual production and needs specific analysis.
The operation process of cobblestone mechanism sand production line is:
1. The vibrating feeder sends the cobblestone evenly into the jaw crusher for primary crushing, and the crushed stone is about 100mm-300mm;
2. The belt conveyor sends the crushed stone into the cone crusher for secondary crushing. After it is sieved by the vibrating screen, the stone less than 50mm is sent to the sand making machine, and the larger than 50mm stone is sent back to the cone crusher for re-crushing;
3. After the sand making machine's further crushing and sieving through vibrating screen, the material that meets the requirements of the finished sand is directly sent to the finished material pile. If it does not meet the requirements, it is sent back to the sand making machine for further processing until qualified.
Remarks: When the cobblestone raw material size is 50mm--300mm, it will directly enter the cone crusher, without the primary crushing; when the material is less than 50mm, it will be directly sent to the sand making machine for crushing, without primary and secondary crushing.
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