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The crushing cavity of pe600*900 jaw crusher

The crushing cavity is the working part of the pe600*900 jaw crusher. The material is crushed by the crushing jaw in the crushing cavity. The working part of the crushing cavity includes the jaw plate (moving fixed jaw lining plate), side lining plate and guard plate.
Pe600*900 jaw crusher side lining board can also be called side guard board, the upper and lower pieces are made of high manganese steel, which protects the frame part during work.
The jaw plate of pe600*900 jaw crusher includes movable and fixed jaw plate, which can also be called movable and fixed jaw liner. It uses a toothed jaw plate structure and is made of high-manganese steel with a manganese content of 11-14%. The fixed jaw is fixed to the front box by upper and lower fixing blocks and bolts. The jaw plate is symmetrical. After being worn, it can be used upside down to increase the use cycle and save costs.