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Three methods of construction waste disposal

The three methods of construction waste disposal are:backfill utilization, temporary storage and landfill disposal. Construction waste backfilling is mainly used for site leveling, road subgrade, depression filling, etc. Construction waste used for site leveling and road subgrade should be crushed and backfilled according to usage requirements. Construction waste used for depression filling can be directly backfilled and used without crushing.
Temporary construction waste storage yards mainly use low-lying land or valleys in the suburbs of cities and towns. After the conditions are ripe, the construction waste can be recycled or transferred to landfills for disposal. The construction waste storage yard should be located in an area with convenient transportation and close to the source of construction waste. It will not be planned to be used in the near future and the storage capacity will meet the requirements of temporary storage.

Construction landfills can be set up centrally in cities and counties. Construction waste landfills should be selected in areas with natural low-lying valleys, quarry waste pits, and other areas with convenient transportation, reasonable transportation distance, low land use value and poor groundwater; the storage capacity of the landfill should be protected in the service area. The amount of construction waste and construction waste landfill rebuilt after the disaster.
There are also renewable resources in construction waste, mainly including muck, waste bricks and tiles, waste concrete, waste wood, waste steel bars, waste metal components, etc. The use of construction waste in the disaster area should give priority to the nearby backfill and simple and practical recycling methods.
Due to the concentration of construction waste, the site is relatively limited, and the traffic is not very convenient, it is recommended to use a mobile crusher. First of all, the equipment is a mobile crushing and sieving complex, which is used for multi-stage crushing of various large and large materials. In addition, the equipment of the mobile crusher occupies a small area, the equipment is flexible, convenient and strong in mobility, which can save a lot of capital construction and relocation costs; it can crush the material on site without having to transport the material away from the site and crush it again, and can follow the raw material mining surface to move forward, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of materials. The mobile crusher is flexible in configuration, and can be modified according to the actual site design, which is very suitable for construction waste crushing.